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Analysis Of Material Properties Of Polypropylene Bags
Sep 13, 2017

     For the choice of polypropylene raw materials, "a look at the two bites three burning four", look at the surface of raw materials, the surface of the wax, black without bubbles is a good renewable material, take a particle of the teeth on the light bite, the harder is polypropylene recycled raw materials particles, biting is a good pp recycled particles, the softer is the PE-like particles.Polypropylene Bags

     Put the particles on the flames, burn them out of the flames, flame color bottom blue, top yellow, and in the process of combustion has a large number of black smoke, melting drip, emitting oil odor is pp renewable raw materials, in the molten state can continuously pull out fine silk is pp again raw materials, pulling out the silk head short, The burning of wax-like odor of polyethylene-re-meal particles.Polypropylene Bags

    Polypropylene is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, translucent plastic. Its transparency is higher than that of polyethylene. If the injection-stretch blow molding container, its transparency is close to the glass bottle, its gloss is also very good. Adding nucleating agent to polypropylene can also improve the transparency of polypropylene containers. Polypropylene Bags

    Shorten the molding cycle time of the product. Polypropylene has a high surface hardness and rigidity, its product surface is not susceptible to mechanical abrasions. Although the rigidity of simple density polyethylene can be modified to the same extent as polypropylene, the surface hardness of the plastic water tank is difficult to be the same.Polypropylene Bags

    The toughness and impact strength of PP are lower than that of polyethylene. Can use the impact type PT) Copolymer or the blending method, that is, adding elastomer (such as ethylene propylene rubber, metallocene polyolefin elastomer, etc.) in PP to improve its impact performance. Polypropylene Bags

    The heat resistance of polypropylene is good. Available in the L Oo-115℃ range. In the absence of external pressure under the condition of V even in 150 ℃ the PP container will not produce deformation. The thermal conductivity of polypropylene is also small. Therefore, polypropylene can be used to make hot filling and boiling disinfection containers.Polypropylene Bags