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Jul 24, 2017

Analysis on the Recycling Problem of PP WOVEN Shopping Bag
    In order to ensure the quality of non-woven bags, should attach great importance to the aging of plastic woven shopping bags. To this end, the national building materials industry authorities have asked the bag material is not allowed to have recycled materials, materials, materials, fill the amount of filler should be strictly limited to not more than 5%, and to strictly control the film temperature, to avoid due to process problems Causing accelerated aging problems. The excessive addition of recycled material is also one of the reasons for the aging of woven bags.

1 (20).png    In theory, weaving the raw materials of the shopping bag after extrusion and recycling are used in the scope of renewable materials, but with other products, in the production process can not be no scrap, waste generated. Generally speaking, no recycled plastic woven bags refers to the production of woven bags, no additional outsourcing waste recycling materials, the production of flat wire and waste silk in proportion to add new materials and then, is "no renewable materials woven bags " Some woven bag manufacturing enterprises in order to reduce costs, the use of the back material (edge silk or waste silk) more than the required ratio, the strength of the bag will appear unqualified, should pay attention in this regard. In addition, in the ingredients mixed with excessive titanium dioxide, so that the production of plastic woven bags increased dust, but also affect the strength of plastic woven shopping bags.

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    Therefore, with the recycled material woven shopping bags of the relative pull-off significantly reduced, if the added back to the material, the relative pull-off force is difficult to guarantee 0.32N / tex this indicator. The elongation at break is unstable, and how much fracture rate varies depending on the amount of recycled material. Recycled material woven shop brittle significantly increased, especially low temperature brittleness worse, impact resistance decreased, electrical insulation decreased, increased the degree of aging, speed up.

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