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How To Clean The Laminated Non Woven Shopping Bag ?
Oct 24, 2017

How to clean the laminated non woven shopping  bag ?

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Pls see the following details:
With the development and progress of society, everyone's awareness of environmental protection in the continuous improvement of non-woven shopping bags have become a living or commercial essential packaging products.
Tools / raw materials
    Laundry water
    Soft hair brush
Method / step
    Soaking method: non-woven bags first with cold water or warm detergent blisters for ten to twenty minutes, the time can not be too long, because the non-woven material soak for a long time easy to be water decomposition, please do not use bleach or fluorescent washing Supplies, to prevent non-woven shopping bags fade.

    2 cleaning time recommended to use the best hand wash effect, can not use the brush brush, non-woven bags will be easy to fluff, so non-woven shopping bags is difficult to read.

    3 If you want to clean quickly, I suggest you use soft hair brush, first gently rub your hand, and then take the whole brush brush brush it again. Must be light because the non-woven fabrics easy to break, to prevent non-woven shopping bags fade.

    4 after cleaning the first non-woven shopping bag leveling, the best fast drying or drying, drying, drying when the temperature to keep a little lower; or remove the excess water, flat on the cool and ventilated place dry The
    5 When buying a non-woven shopping bag, it is best to pick those bags with a relatively thicker thickness, although it will start to spend a little more money, but it will be easier in your future cleaning process.