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How To Restore Non Woven Shopping Bags After Crumpling?
Nov 27, 2017

How to restore non woven shopping bags after crumpling?

14-已发 (2).jpg  Non-woven bag products have entered the tens of thousands of households, but non-woven bags if crumpled how to deal with it? Today An Yin teach you how to deal with crumpled non-woven bags of environmentally friendly products.

First of all, find a hard pad stuffed under the non-woven bag, usually this treatment are hydrophilic non-woven, so that the non-woven bag spread evenly, and then find a wet towel gently wipe it above Pay attention to the water on the towel is not easy too much, fold more places to use a few towels rub). Can be several non-woven hydrophilic pressure together, oh, so time-saving and labor-saving Oh.
And then is to find a non-woven bag and your thing is almost the size of the pressure on the surface has become, probably a day and a half on the pressure line.

40x35x15 cm已发.png

It is not recommended that you use non-woven woven bag washed, washed the color will not be bright before, do not look good, as for the ironing, even worse, be careful laminated non-woven shopping bags confused