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Moulding Of Polypropylene Bags
Oct 10, 2017

Polypropylene coated special material is mainly used for PP woven bag, woven cloth coating, after the coating made of woven bag does not need another lining polyethylene pocket, can be used directly. Because the polypropylene casting film is directly coated on the woven bag, the strength and overall performance of the woven bag are increased, and the cost of manufacture is also reduced.Polypropylene Bags

In the process of development, several experiments were carried out on the selection ratio of molecular weight regulator and other excipients, the mixing and plasticizing process parameters of raw materials, the formula and production process of PP coating were determined, and the production line was formed for mass production. After a number of use, have achieved satisfactory results, consistent reflection of the product quality stability, good melt fluidity, film uniformity, low shrinkage, peel strength and high adhesion.Polypropylene Bags

Preparation technology of polypropylene cooling Masterbatch Polypropylene Cooling masterbatch is a kind of polypropylene as the mainstay of the addition of masterbatch, mainly used to reduce polypropylene spinning and plastic products in the production of processing temperature, especially in polypropylene spinning excellent effect, but also used in polypropylene blown plastic film, textile bags, monofilament, injection molding products production, but also received a very good effect.

The Radiant polypropylene (PP) bottom paper makes the label silvery and shiny.Polypropylene Bags Ingenious use of CYMK four primary colors and matte paint produced by the subtle effects of the appearance of the label to look more exquisite, so that the appearance of goods on the shelves better. UV Flexo printing to show the use of processing technology can achieve excellent results.Polypropylene Bags