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Plastic Pp Woven Shopping Bag: Analysis For The Plastic Woven Bag Coating Technology 。
Dec 28, 2017

Plastic Pp woven shopping  bag: Analysis for the  plastic woven bag coating technology 。


Weaving knit fabric produced a variety of knitwear complex technology, we can say that each knit has its own production technology. Variety roughly the same technology may be the same, there may be completely different.

1, Without -laminating woven bags
It's production technology flow is: weaving cloth through the print, cut, sewing, until the plastic woven bags, according to the equipment used is not the same, you can cut after the first print, you can also cut after printing. Can be completed a series of printing, cutting, sewing and other processes, can also be made of valve pockets, put the bottom bags, etc., for plain weaving fabric can be bonded after the bag. General woven bags bagging technology goal is mainly public appearance Scales, seam bottom and seam edge tension, print ink clarity and other parts of the cleanliness after printing, layout accuracy, stitches, stitches, stitches and needle missing, disconnection, etc. lack of Request.


2, composite plastic woven bags
Combo, triple combo plastic bags and other technical process is the production of woven cloth, Tu Fu and paper or film, composite or Tu Fu. The resulting tube cloth or sheet, tube can be cut, print , Stitched, made of general seam at the end of the bag, but also be able to punch, hemming, cut, print, stitching, made of cement bags, the resulting piece of cloth, to glue, print, cut, paste, Into the bag at the end of paste. Can also be welded, coiled, made of tarpaulin, geotextiles. The key is complex composite bag technology.


3, all kinds of pp woven material
Flat woven fabric can be coated or not coated with the production of tarpaulin, geotextile, etc., can also be broken after the cylinder cloth coated or not coated with tarpaulin or geotextile production.