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Pp Shopping Bag Description
Jul 12, 2017

pp shopping bag  process  description:

    1, weaving density and weaving density tolerance

    Weaving density refers to the number of 100mm × 100mm knitted fabric, the number of latitude and longitude yarn. National standard GB / T8946-1998 provides that "the bag flat, in the bag on the next two diagonally delineated 100mm × 100mm two blocks , The square outside the bag and the edge of the line away from the 100mm, visual box by the number of weft, take the average, when the count when the last point less than one, according to a count. "National standards in the provisions of the weaving density at the same time, The density of the weaving of woven bags depends mainly on the packaging of the product, determined by the user.
    Common woven bag woven fabric density is 36 × 36 root / 10cm, 40 × 40 root / 10cm, 48 × 48 root / 10cm.
    (1) weaving density tolerance.
    The weaving density tolerance refers to the number of strands that are more than the given standard weave density or reduce the number of flat yarns.
    (2) weaving unit area quality. pp woven shopping bag
    The weight per unit area of the woven fabric is expressed as the weight of the square meter, which is an important technical index of the woven fabric. The square meter weight depends mainly on the weft density and the thickness of the flat yarn, the square meter weight affects the weaving Cloth tensile strength, load capacity, square meter weight is the production enterprise control costs of a major link.
    (3) weaving cloth tension load.
    Tensile load, also known as tensile strength, tensile strength. For weaving cloth to bear the warp and weft direction of the tensile load in two directions, so called warp, weft tension load.
    (4) width.
    A variety of woven fabric width directly affect the bag making process.For the tube cloth with the fold that the width, folding is equal to half the circumference of the circle.
    Width of the width of all woven cloth weaving after the width of the volume, in the exhibition cutting, printing, sewing, made of the width of the bag should be slightly smaller than the width of the coiling, we call the width of retraction.
    (5) feel.
    PP flat woven fabric feel more solid, very wide, rough some.
    HDPE flat woven fabric feel soft, smooth, not dense.
    In the PP flat wire material to add calcium masterbatch, feel very wide, PP less HDPE will make it more soft.
    Flat wire narrow, weaving flat, soft to the touch, flat wire width, woven fabric folded when more than silk, feel rough.
    2, plastic weaving process indicators:
    (1) woven bag coating process indicators.
    GB / T8947-98 and GB10803-89, respectively, provides the technical quality of coated bags and coated cloth standard. They have the same place, there are differences, because the application of woven bags and woven cloth requirements are different indicators Slightly different. 1998 modified to recommend the standard, compared with the original GB8947-88 more scientific and more perfect.laminated pp wove shopping bags
    ① size series and tolerance.
    A. Composite plastic woven bag.
    The effective width of the composite plastic woven shopping bag is 450-700mm, every 50mm is a file, the width tolerance is ± 15 to -10mm. The effective length of the bag supply and demand both sides of the decision, the tolerance of ± 15 to -10mm, ± 0.005mm.
    B. Composite plastic woven cloth.
    The width of the woven fabric is less than 2m. The width of each cloth is 100m or 200m, the width tolerance is 0 to +10mm, and the length tolerance does not allow negative deviation. The width is more than 2m. Each cloth is 50m or 100m, the width tolerance is 0-20mm, Length tolerance does not allow negative deviation.
    C. Unit area quality and mechanical strength.
    Woven cloth coated with the unit area after the quality and tensile load, peel strength. Woven bag peel strength of 3.0N / 3cm, woven cloth peel strength of 2.5N / 3cm. There is a method of stripping force experiment, that is, with glue Adhesive tape attached to the coated film, and then tear adhesive tape, can not be woven cloth and membrane separation is qualified, that is to achieve the peel strength.This method is not statutory detection effectiveness.