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Recycling Of Reusable Grocery Bags
Sep 13, 2017

    The so-called recycled use means that the packaging materials or packaging containers that have been used but are difficult to reuse or recycle are processed and processed into products of other uses. The composite packaging material is decomposed into paper, plastic and aluminum, or a mixture of plastic and aluminum, which is then made into different products; The use of the packaging materials or packaging containers have been concentrated incineration or high-temperature decomposition (pyrolysis), the use of its residual chemical energy for heat or power generation.reusable grocery bags

    In theory, living rubbish has a high heat equivalent. According to some European countries, the heat equivalent of domestic waste is 3000kcal/kg, by contrast, fuel oil is 12000kcal/kg, wood is 4000Kc, al/kg. However, the design and perfection of MSW incinerator is still relatively late in the domestic development. reusable grocery bags

    Progressive efficiency, ensuring safety should be intensified to develop residual residue after burning, can also be used as road filling or other building materials, high-temperature decomposition can also be used to produce combustible gas, incineration or high-temperature decomposition of air pollution caused by the full attention. In particular, the treatment of chlorine-containing compounds such as PVC should be very cautious. It will not only bring about acidification of the air, as I suspect, it may also produce two of toxic substances such as dioxins.reusable grocery bags

    Packaging waste (such as straw pulp paper packaging, residue food, etc.) with higher organic matter content can be used to generate heat or improve soil by means of pit hiding, landfill or composting. Degradable Plastics can be classified into biodegradation, photo-biodegradation and Photodegradation. The reason is that only when the molecular weight of plastic is less than 500, the microorganism can degrade it gradually. Scientists then used different methods to reduce the molecular weight of the plastic. One method is to create a breakthrough in the molecular structure of the plastic by using the starch component to make the molecule of macromolecule plastic smaller; Another method is to use the plastic polymerization after the addition of photosensitive substances, so that the light (ultraviolet light) after irradiation to start biodegradation;reusable grocery bags

    Food packaging Industry is the plastics manufacturing industry users and downstream industries, the basic requirements for degradable plastics are: Nine use performance should meet the basic requirements to ensure food safety; different food and different conditions of use have different requirements, such as disposable shopping bags, lunch boxes and food packaging bags and boxes with quite a shelf life requirements. The requirements are very different. The development of degradable plastics should follow the principle of first-easy and difficult.reusable grocery bags