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Structural Description Of Pp Shopping Bag
Sep 22, 2017

     New resin with high heat resistance, coupled with the above-mentioned other properties, so that it can be processed into different thickness, an overlapping structure of soft film. Potential applications include: food shopping bags, hygienic packaging and pet food packaging bags.pp shopping bag

     New PP resin If the same barrier resin (EVOH, PA) combined, can make the blow molding film products easier to vacuum sealing synthesis, and can reduce the film curl, with better puncture resistance performance, can be replaced by PP film layer of the external nylon film layer, while maintaining the original film has the hardness and transparent performance.

One of the biggest applications of plastic film in packaging is to stretch the wrapping, the goods on the pallet are bundled together, so that it becomes a whole, into circulation.pp shopping bag

     The most commonly used plastic film is low-density polyethylene, which stretches when it is wrapped around a product or pallet, usually spiral-shaped. After wrapping, the film will be cut off, the film head glued to the cargo, usually from the bonding. After the tensile is released, the film is intended to be restored to its tensile dimensions and is binding on the goods to bind the goods so that they remain motionless while they are being moved during circulation.pp shopping bag

    Although the stretching wrap is conceptually simple, the structure is quite complex. For each layer of stretch wrapping, the ideal result is to stick to the lower layer, but the adjacent goods that may shrink the packaging are bonded or glued to other objects in contact with each other. Therefore, the stretching wrap may have multi-layer structure, adding the binder to the inner layer to enhance the bonding. In addition to LLDPE, low-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers and other polymers are also used as stretch-wound films.pp shopping bag