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The Introduce For The Plastic Woven Bags Flat Wire Technology
Dec 27, 2017

The introduce for the plastic woven bags flat wire technology .

Plastic woven bags according to the premier information into polypropylene bags, polyethylene bags; according to the sewing method is divided into the end of the bag, the edge of the bag at the end. Now widely used in fertilizers, chemical products and other items of a packaging information.

Plastic woven bags Biansi technology includes raw material modification, blending, coloring, filling, manufacturing, anti-aging, anti-degradation questions, extrusion process temperature, pressure, flow control and conditioning rheological behavior of the extrusion process, Doubt ratio, draw ratio, draw ratio, blow ratio, draw ratio, crystal cooling, orientation, heat treatment stereotype doubt, the process of forming and spindle spindle quality inspection and other technical questions.

Biansi technology, also known as yarn-making technology, which is the first production of plastic woven process, but also the most important one process. Biansi production technology approach divided into two kinds of methods according to the film, film tube membrane, according to the film after the cooling method is divided, air cooling, water cooling and intercooling, according to drafting heating method hot plate, hot roller, hot air, press Spindle winding molding sub, concentrated cycloid winding, single spindle motor winding, magnetic moment winding.