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The Promotional For Non-woven Shopping Bags
Nov 23, 2017

The promotional for Non-woven  shopping bags :

Non-woven bags It is a kind of non-woven fabric made of a packaging bag, which is the overall image of the product to conduct an external form of norms and strengthen. Is in order to keep the flow of products, storage and transportation to facilitate sales made of the packaging bag.
1, non-woven bags with environmental protection. We use is 100% environmentally friendly, easy to degrade non-woven materials made from, in the process of throwing or burning do not have to worry about pollution to the environment.


2, non-woven bags also has the role of advertising, we can print in the bag body promotional images of the company's products, in the course of play a mobile advertising role, to the customer with a significant advertising effectiveness.

40x26x20 cm.jpg 
3, bags can beautify the goods, to attract customers, is conducive to product promotion. The first thing that consumers pay attention to when choosing a product is its appearance. An exquisite and stylish eco-friendly packaging bag can attract the attention of consumers, beautify the product, improve the quality of the product and the transaction rate.

4, non-woven bags can make goods more convenient to carry. It is economical and durable and can be reused.

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