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Is It More Thick For The Non Woven Bag ,the Quality Will Be Better ?
Jan 31, 2018

What is the meaning of the weight of non-woven bags, what is the specific role?

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Fabric weight is generally the weight of fabric in grams, weight is an important technical indicator of knitted fabrics, wool usually weight as an important technical indicators.

Nowadays, as the environmental protection and practicability of non-woven eco-friendly bags are more and more recognized, more and more people choose to use the eco-friendly bags for daily shopping bags. The weight of non-woven fabrics refers to the weight per square meter , Generally 20 grams / square meters-140 grams / square meters, the higher the weight of non-woven fabrics will be thicker, its bearing is also better, generally used as non-woven bags made 70 grams / m2 -100 grams / ㎡ fabric more.


A large part of the price of non-woven bags depends on the price of the fabric, now with the non-woven bag manufacturers compete strongly between different manufacturers in different regions of the product price war is very intense, but many of them Manufacturers to steal the weight from the fabric in order to reduce production costs, for example, customers need to customize 80 / ㎡ bags, while some manufacturers will use 70 / ㎡ fabric to produce such a big point of the bag prices will A difference of about 0.1 yuan.
Nonwovens due to the different production processes can be divided into spunlaced nonwovens, heat sealing nonwovens, wet nonwovens, acupuncture nonwovens, stitch nonwovens, nonwovens bags as a new generation of environmentally friendly shopping Bags, its market prospect is still optimistic. In this society that advocates environmental protection and energy conservation, it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, environmental protection must start from the self and everyone should contribute their own strength.

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