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Treatment Process Of Polypropylene Bags Stress
Oct 31, 2017

The commonly used halogen flame retardants are ten bromo two benzene ether, the six bromine ring 12 alkanes, the eight bromine ether, the four bromine bisphenol A and so on, plus the flame retardant synergistic agent antimony trioxide, has the added quantity is few, the flame retardant effect is good characteristic.Polypropylene Bags 

But halogen-like flame retardants have been criticized by green environmental protection organizations, and in some countries have been restricted, was expressly prohibited use. However, the United States, Japan and other countries are still allowed to use, then, as a developing country, halogen flame retardants for at least 10 years of life. The PP was treated with bromine alkyl phosphate ester. This kind of flame retardants have PBR synergistic effect, which can improve the Rheological property and Processability of PP, and have little effect on the physical and mechanical properties of pp.Polypropylene Bags


Inorganic filler flame Retardant polypropylene so-called inorganic filler refers to aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, they have the role of flame-retardant, smoke suppression. But to achieve the desired results, particulate and surface treatment are key technologies that apply to different plastics. To carefully select the matching surfactant, so that it is compatible with plastic, and in the plastic can be evenly dispersed, without too much impact on the mechanical properties of plastics. Because ATH and magnesium hydroxide can be used to fire-retardant and smoke-suppressing in different temperature ranges, the reuse of the two can make the plastic play a lasting flame-retardant effect in a wide temperature range.Polypropylene Bags

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It should be emphasized that in the treatment of PP with magnesium hydroxide, in order to achieve better flame-retardant effect and the appropriate mechanical properties, in the addition of magnesium hydroxide mixing process, it is advisable to use two-step feeding method, this will be better than a single feeding results.Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, translucent plastic. Its transparency is higher than that of polyethylene. If the injection-stretch blow molding container, its transparency is close to the glass bottle, its gloss is also very good. Adding nucleating agent to polypropylene can also improve the transparency of polypropylene containers. Shorten the molding cycle time of the product.Polypropylene Bags