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Aug 29, 2017

What is the reason for the unevenness of the laminated pp woven bags?

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   Woven bags are often used in our lives, although the quality of many woven bags can still be, but can not help some manufacturers of woven bags rugged, people look very uncomfortable, the following for everyone to introduce why the woven bag Appear rugged.

   Woven bags appear uneven phenomenon is the main reason for the warp and weft tension caused by uneven, weaving cloth in order to weave flat, latitude and longitude tension must be balanced. Among them, the warp tension adjustment is mainly warp, the wire through the wire hole, send the roller and the jumper, the warp is the uneven tension of the birthplace, especially the creel of each spindles of the tray axis Rotational resistance moment, is a direct impact on the meridian tension of the birthplace; also pay attention to whether the flat wire wound on the shaft and the increase in resistance to torque, with or without the edge of the wire resistance torque balance is not balanced.

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   PP Woven bag manufacturers said the average tension of weft and warp, if the difference is large, should be appropriate to adjust and balance the tension of the latitude and longitude, but because of the size of the tension of the weft by the size of the shaft wire is very large, and weft tension adjustment main Is to adjust the tension of the tension spring, it is difficult to adjust the balance.

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