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Aug 24, 2017

Direct sunlight is not  good for pp woven shopping   bags

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        We are  a  wholesale pp woven bag manufacturers will always be careful to remind the user, not the woven bag on the sun exposure, to properly store it, or plastic woven bags easy to aging, shorten the service life.

We may not know the importance of proper storage of plastic bags. In the woven bag wrapped in cement after the open air by the direct sunlight, the intensity will drop sharply, we estimate also tried, a tear it, flew rotten; storage and transportation process is too high (container transport) or encounter rain Leaching, will lead to its strength decreased, so as not to protect the quality of the contents of the requirements. So the transport bag storage conditions are very important.

Gravure printing pp woven shopping bag :

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We have been engaged in the wholesale of woven bags, we recommend that you put the plastic bag in a cool clean indoor storage, transport should avoid sun and rain, should not be close to heat, storage period shall not exceed 18 months.