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Woven Bag Production - The Process Of Coating Waste Caused By Factors
Dec 06, 2017

Laminated Woven bag production - the factors of  process of wasting coating material

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 In the production process of laminated pp woven shopping bag , the coating process to reduce the defective and scrap products is very important, we need to do every detail of the operation of the place.

In the plastic woven bag coating process film coating equipment faster, if not done in place, accidentally there will be a lot of scrap. Therefore, in order to reduce the quantity of rejects and rejects, we have to understand what causes rejects and rejects. Here's a summary:

1, subjective reasons: responsibility, enthusiasm and mental status determine the yield.
2, the objective reasons: the first car into the car coating is completed, when you adjust the membrane edge, after the end of the boot then coated cloth began to film, then barrel temperature, screw speed, extrusion pressure, the cooling roller surface temperature in all aspects have not yet To achieve complete balance and stability, with the gradual increase in the speed of the machine, the amount of extrusion is also gradually changing. A small portion of the core of the first roll of the coating must not be sufficiently firm.

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Second, due to change the coating material, change specifications, change the coating ratio, climate change will also affect. In the process of regulating the temperature parameters, will also result in coating quality fluctuations. Circular weaving lotus leaf cloth, Chen cloth storage for a long time, the surface of the substrate is not tight, flatness is too poor, to a large extent, also affect the quality of Tu coating caused by defective products.
Reasons for causing waste: coating process for some reason car, then cloth, then film, color film is not right. Tension controller failure, sticky roll edge membrane, membrane edge membrane, membrane fork. There are also due to the process of causing the finished product from the ends of the rolling riot. Or release film, drain coating. Or product for the specifications, circular woven fabric surface waste film break film, color film in the intermittent connector. Printing film layout ink lines, etc., will result in woven bag waste.

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